About Us

We are a Professional SEO Company in Hong Kong.

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  • Company Mission and Vision :

    • We tend to provide the Best Online Marketing Plans to all of our clients.
    • Most of the time, clients have website but they do not know how to find leads, Therefore, we will use our knowledge to help them locate their target audience.
    • We intend to provide “No Results,No Fee” SEO Plans to our clients. Clients only pay when we reach to top Pages.
    • Superior Customer Service,each account will be followed by individual window person.
    • We will stand at client’s point of view to market the right target audiences globally.

About Topseo Marketing Agency

  Topseo intend to provide a more auditable, ethical and statistical approach to PPC and SEO, and to fill the gap in the market for a proper, linguistically faithful approach to multilingual campaign management. Ian Harris, the CEO and founder, is a true internet innovator. Ian spotted the gap in the market for a robust PPC bid management system whilst acting as Chief Technology Officer for one of the UK’s leading web translation software businesses. Ultimately identifying this gap in the market led to the creation of BidLab™ (our proprietary bid management software) and Search Laboratory. The highly analytical and ethical approach taken is unique – we focus on increasing revenue and delivering demonstrable results for our clients. Today, Search Laboratory manages millions of dollars, pounds and euros of our clients‘ online media spend each month. We employ more than 120 full time staff between our Leeds, London and New York offices including a large team of mother-tongue linguists and search specialists. All members of the PPC team are degree educated and come mainly from a science or maths background. Our SEO team consists of talented individuals with a broad range of expertise including: Marketing, New Media, PR, Journalism, Creative Writing, International Business and English  

Advantages of Choosing us ?

There are several reasons why it’s a smart move to choose a Premier Partner for your next AdWords campaign. Here are some of the key advantages and benefits: The highest quality of service Google continually review their Premier Partners to ensure that they continue to meet the high standards required to maintain this designation. Conversion rates and client retention figures are among some of the key metrics reviewed by Google. By choosing a Premier Partner, you’ll have the assurance that you’re receiving the highest level of service and getting the most value out of your AdWords spend. Testing and innovation to increase traffic to your site Google encourage their Partners to engage in experimentation and innovation to ensure the best results. This may include targeting different demographics, running multiple ads per campaign to determine efficacy and running split testing (A/B testing). Premier Partners are required to demonstrate that they are engaging in this innovative process to help attract the greatest number of prospects to their clients’ sites. Speedy resolution of issues Thanks to our deep knowledge of and experience with the AdWords platform, we are able to diagnose and resolve issues faster than those without experience in the AdWords environment. In addition, our Premier Partner status means that we have direct access to a Google rep who we can immediately escalate issues to, if required. Without this kind of access, you may face a lengthy support queue and your ads could be placed on hold until your issue is resolved. Utilise all available features The AdWords platform is robust and chock full of features that can help maximise the results of your AdWords campaign. It would be impossible for inexperienced individuals to understand all of these features and know how to utilise them to your advantage. As Premier Partners, our team is required to understand how to use these features and has proven their expertise by passing the difficult exams put forth by Google.   Contact Us: Aaddress : Unit 8 , Unit 8, 12/F Metro Center Phase 1, No 32 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay ,Hong Kong Phone : (852) 3488 9060 Whatsapp: (852) 9383 4699 URL : www.